Eventful times at A1

“Totally different car “
”Performing 100% better”
“Running like a dream”

Last week was quite eventful.
Had a surprise visit from our old friend Nick Farrow .
If you’ve heard of the “Flux capacitor car “ then you’ll probably know that it’s a record breaking, street legal, electric car.
1/4 mile in under 10 seconds and 1200 lb/ft of torque!!
Nick has been involved with this electric monster from early days. We had a very interesting chat about electric performance , retrofit etc .
Electric retrofit is currently possible – but it’s expensive . No doubt this will change in the coming years .
A performance mod to keep an eye on!


On Friday we had the pleasure of Carl and Ben from Shark Performance.
Shark are renowned for their VW Audi and Volvo tuning. Shark tuned cars are consistent winners in the Milltek VW Racing Cup series.
Pleased to announce we are now able to provide race-bred remaps from Shark Performance.

More cracking cars in for remap this week and another one we had to decline until it’s repaired.

With 175 five star reviews on FB you are assured of a good result .

Message us below with your reg number for price and approx gains on your vehicle or call us on 01482 772414


Why we charge more.

Cheap remaps – why we charge more


Many people think all remaps are the same and all tuning companies are the same – but this is not the case.

Let’s break this down a bit and explain in more detail .

1 ) The cheapest of remappers inevitably use Chinese copies of proper remapping tools .
These are a fraction of the price , use inferior components , have no support from the manufacturer , and can damage your car’s ecu .

We have invested nearly £20k in genuine remapping tools.
( just in case anyone reading this thinks they might be worth pinching , they aren’t. They can all be rendered useless if we contact the manufacturers)

2) Vehicle health check – or lack of.
Any decent vehicle health check will take some time , need some diagnostics and be carried out by someone with a bit of experience that knows what to look for .
The cheap remapper will inevitably have a chinese clone diagnostic tool and do a basic check for fault codes – if you’re lucky .

All our remaps include a vehicle health check before remapping .
Checks include the following as a minimum:

1) On road test of turbo performance.
Checking that turbo is boosting properly – very few remappers do this.

2) DPF condition – remapping a blocked or partially blocked DPF is just bad practice .

3) Fault Code check – pretty obvious check to do , but looking at when the fault occurred and under what conditions is something not everyone can do .

4) Pretty obvious this one – checking air filter condition . If the car can’t breathe properly then you won’t get the best results . This can also contribute to DPF blockage .
Every week we see filters that need changing

5) Another obvious one – oil level and condition .
Absolutely essential check if the car is going to get more power . We have seen some shockers!
From 5 litres of excess oil to vehicles with 100k that have never had an oil change .
Quick tip – if you want your engine to last then change the oil more often than is recommended .

6) For petrol vehicles – Ignition checks and adjustments .
On road test we will drive in such a way as to put the vehicle’s ignition under increased load . Any misfire under these conditions will reveal ignition faults that needs rectifying before remap .

6a) Petrol cars again – some vehicles ignition systems are a little bit on the weak side – fit those vehicles we reduce spark plug gap slightly. This prevents premature ignition coil failure that can be caused by the extra ignition load that is a consequence of a remap.

Will continue this post next week .

Our reviews say more than we ever can – so check them out for yourself . 190 Five Star Reviews on our facebook pageat time of writing .
We are only interested in good results and happy customers- if you’re not happy for whatever reason, then we don’t charge .

Big thanks to everyone that has taken the trouble to write a review – it really is appreciated

Excellent gains on 335D

“good guys here that know their stuff!
“made a hell of a difference”
“can’t believe the difference, excellent

Now over 190 five star reviews

Some cracking cars in for remapping recently.
Most notably, a pair of BMW 335D X-Drive.

The 335D is a best of both worlds machine. In standard form it delivers brutal amounts of torque, laying down 0-62 in 4.8 seconds. Yet it still retains over 40 mpg in normal driving.

One of the best upgrades for these is a Wagner intercooler.
The remap and the Wagner will take these to around 400 BHP.

We remap all kinds of cars and vans. There are very few cars out there that can’t be improved.

Summer Special

Performance now – pay later
How it works …
Pay 25% on the day , and the rest over 3 months – with no interest charges.
E.g for a £300 remap you pay £75 on the day , followed by 3 monthly payments of £75.

Post your reg number below for price and gains on your car .

Why people choose us :
✳️Best reviews in Hull area
✳️Total satisfaction guarantee
✳️Vehicle health check before remap
✳️Spread payments at no extra charge
✳️Test drive before you pay
✳️High quality, reliable remaps
✳️£10k warranty option ( cars under 90k)