People choose us to remap their car based on either reviews or recommendation from a friend.

With over 200 genuine five star reviews, you can be confident of a great result!


If you want to be good at anything , then you have to specialise in it . Remapping is our core business – we live and breathe it.

We have the tools, equipment, experience and knowledge to consistently produce great results.


In the last four years we have remapped literally thousands of vehicles.  There are very few makes and models that we haven’t remapped . And very few problems that we haven’t come across before.

Extensive motor trade background means we have an understanding of how your vehicle works, and also how it should behave on the road.

The Right Tools For The Job

Substantial investment in the best of remapping tools,  means we can remap  your car with confidence.  With a total of nine different master tools at our disposal,  there are very few modern cars we cannot remap.

Why master tools ? Unlike slave tools that are linked to just one tuning company,  master tools allow us to work with tuning companies from anywhere in the world.  Greater choice for us means better results for you.


Having a fully equipped workshop makes a big difference to the standard of service we can provide.  If we suspect any issues with your car then we have the tools and facilities to investigate.


A large selection of diagnostic tools is important for fault finding, checking live data and for carrying out any resets required after the remap.

We use the latest tools from Launch and Autel, VCDS and Delphi  combined with manufacturer tools from Ford (IDS),  VAG (Odis), Vauxhall (Op-Com), Peugeot/Citroen (Diagbox & Lexia) and Lexus/Toyota (Techstream).

We can also pinpoint the source of  boost leak checks with our “Smoke-Pro” smoke testing machine.

Rolling Road

For those wishing to have proven gains, we have a new 2 wheel drive dyno on site. Cost for this service is £60. This includes power runs before and after plus printout.

Vehicle Health Checks

This is vital. Before remapping any car, we carry out a ten point vehicle health check.

A successful result for you is more important than a quick profit for us.

We won’t remap your car if we think it may cause a problem.


We want all customers to be totally happy with their results – if not, then we don’t charge – simple.


  • Great Reviews – Best in the area.
  • Remapping specialist – its our main business.
  • Experience – remapped thousands of cars
  • Tools – Large selection of diagnostics and master remapping tools.
  • Workshop – covers most eventualities
  • Rolling road – proven gains if required
  • Health Checks – vital checks before remapping begins.
  • Satisfaction – great results or there’s no charge


Remapping is optimising the car’s engine management for improved drivability and better performance.

 Increased torque and BHP.  Smoother torque , less turbo lag and improved throttle response.  On turbo vehicles , the power will come in earlier and last longer through the rev range(wider powerband).

Your vehicle will be much more enjoyable to drive .

Most diesel cars will benefit from a 5 to 10% improvement in economy. Occasionally, we hear reports of 20% better mpg or more. This is rare in our experience but it can happen. 



These guys are the ones to go to! Amazing results, completely transformed the car. Brilliant throttle response, quicker pickup when you need it on the motorway, better performance not only low end but all the way to the top. Revs much quicker and seems to sound even better than when it went in, and to top it all off there is increased fuel economy. Honestly couldn’t ask for anymore, this is all from a 1.6 N/A engine that supposedly isn’t worth tuning, I think not! Spot on service from A1!  L Doyle