What’s the history ?

RacingLine was originally founded over 20 years ago as Volkswagen Motorsport UK. In the early days they ran VW’s British Rally Championship programmes.

Today , they still have very close ties with VW and their parts can be found on high performance road, race and track cars across the world.

What’s special about RacingLine ?

Four things in particular stand out for us:

1 – The Team
A talented bunch of guys with a genuine passion for performance.

2- The Products
Well designed, functional and proven

3 – VW Relationship
Close ties and good history.

4 – The Full Performance Package
Engine , suspension, brakes and software

Why are the products so good?

In-house design and rapid prototyping gives them Formula 1 style capabilities.

Products can be developed and refined in the shortest of timeframes .

Based in Milton Keynes, the hub of British motorsport, means they have access to world class test facilities.

Take for example their extremely popular R600 cold air intake for the Golf.

Not only does it allow for twice as much air than standard , but airflow has also been optimised with the help of a local specialist firm.

Find out more about RacingLine products at their website at the bottom .

What about software ?

Their performance software goes by the name of OEM+

This is available for both engine management and DSG.

Smooth , drivable , safe and fast – These are key ingredients of OEM+

With knowledge gained from real motorsports experience, they know that a fast car must be drivable, have a strong torque spread through the rev range and deliver the power progressively.

Tunes are available for stage 1, 2, 2+ and 3.

All tunes are designed to perform seamlessly with RacingLine performance upgrades .

The special relationship with VW helps ensure these calibrations are as reliable as possible.

And there is currently no charge for upgrading your tune.

So if you start with Stage 1 and want stage 2 or 3 further down the line , there is nothing to pay for the software upgrade.

The Full Package

Individually the parts and software are exceptional.

Put the whole package together- brakes , engine , suspension , exhaust , alloys and software – and things really start to happen .

Check out VWG magazine issue 3 for the MK 7.5 Golf R feature and you’ll see what it’s all about .

Already featuring prominently in specialist magazines like VWG , we expect the brand to go from strength to strength in the months and years ahead .

All the foundations are there. A great team, with great performance products and OEM quality software to match.

Its good to be onboard with a team that is racing ahead



RacingLine products and OEM+ performance software are now available at A1 Remapping in Hull .

01482 772414

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