What our service entails

What our service entails

🔸🔸🔸 175 Five Star Reviews 🔸🔸🔸

“ Incredible difference – wholeheartedly recommend these guys “
“Couldn’t ask for a better service “


Reviews are big these days .
We are only interested in good results and happy customers.
If you’re not delighted with the improvements to your car then there’s no charge .

Our remapping service isn’t just about the remap itself .
Before doing any work we carry out a vehicle health check.

🔻On a diesel this includes :

1) Diesel particulate filter (DPF) condition
2) Satisfactory operation of EGR valve
3 ) Mass air flow sensor readings
4) Fault code checks
5) Testing of turbo boost
6) Oil level and condition
7) Air filter condition
8) Road test

🔻For a petrol vehicle :

1) Open / closed loop fuelling strategy
2) Fuel trims at idle and cruising
3) Lambda values under full load
4) Mass air flow readings
5) Ignition test under load
6) Spark plug condition
7) Oil level and condition
8) Air filter condition
9) Fault code checks
10) Road test

Once your remap is applied , the car will be road tested again and live data checks carried out .
If the remap needs revising then this is included in the price.

We will always give you honest advice .
If we think there could be a problem remapping your car then we’ll tell you ( four people advised this week so far) .

We can improve the performance of almost any car or van.

With 175 five star reviews on FB you are assured of a good result .

Message us below with your reg number for price and approx gains on your vehicle or call us on 01482 772414

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