The importance of good after-service

The importance of good after-service

🔹🔹How good is the after service ? 🔹🔹

It’s not just about how good the remap is and the difference it will make to your car – what if there’s a problem?

This Jaguar XF was mapped by us a couple of weeks ago .
Customer rang about DPF issues – “ Ok , bring it in , we’ll have a look “
We checked on our diagnostics and also verified the live data with our own dpf gauges.
Sure enough , it was quite blocked which was a bit strange . Nothing obviously wrong , although mass air flow readings looked suspect .
To carry out further checks ( turbo boost ) , we had to clean the DPF to enable the checks to be accurate and get the car out of restricted performance mode .
After a successful clean , the car was road tested and wasn’t boosting properly .
Back at the workshop , a smoke test was carried out which revealed the location of the boost leak .

If a car is under- boosting it produces excess smoke due to incomplete combustion ( not enough air to burn the fuel injected ) .
This in turn will cause the DPF to block .

DPF checked – DPF cleaned – Fault found and boost leak fixed – car back on the road .
All done in the same day of the phone call.

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