S7 In for a Remap!

S7 In for a Remap!


Fabulous Audi S7 Quattro in for remap this week .
Had to take extra care with this one .

This car was already fast and had just been purchased. Customer had been told it was remapped but there nothing to prove it.

Rather than just proceeding with applying our modifications , we saved the existing map in its entirety – just in case the customer preferred the original map or it was something special for mods that the customer was unaware of .
On examination it had been mapped but we were able to give a stronger tune .

If there are no improvements to be made, or you prefer your original map, then we don’t charge .
This only applies to stage 1 and 2 maps .

When it comes to improving your car’s performance, one of the best things you can do, is to have it professionally remapped.
Based in Hull , we are one of the UK’s busiest remapping companies and have over 170 five star reviews on FB.
Right now, you can spread the cost into 4 manageable payments at no extra charge .

How it works :
Pay 25 % on the day then 3 more payments of 25% at 30 day intervals .
For example – on a £250 remap , payment on the day is just £62.50.
This is followed by 3 minutes monthly payments of £62.50.
( total cost £250)

This can be used for remaps or anything performance related such as exhaust , intake kit , intercooler etc .
Save even more by bundling your remap with a performance exhaust from Scorpion, Milltek , Cobra or Jetex .
Or with an intercooler from Airtec or Wagner.

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