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Why Remap

These days the power and performance of most road cars is limited, not for mechanical or design reasons, but by the software that operates in the vehicles engine control unit (ECU).

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What it does

Most modern cars contain an Engine Control Unit (ECU) that is, in essence, a tiny computer that controls how the engine operates. Vehicle manufacturers de-tune engines by setting the ECU to ‘default’ mode before sending your car to the forecourt. This ensures your vehicle meets EU regulation on emissions and power outputs.

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There are many benefits to having a professional remap by A1 Remapping. Let’s take a closer look at how we can improve your cars performance.



At A1, we are incredibly confident that your vehicle remap will run without fault and improve the efficiency and overall power of your vehicle.

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Every A1 remap is guaranteed, ensuring you complete peace of mind and continued service. A1 Remapping are an established Yorkshire based company, with years of motor trade experience.



Every A1 Remap is guaranteed to ensure your complete peace of mind and reliance on continued service.