Petrol Head Heaven

By Blair Connell | Remapping

Apr 22

Cracking day out at Elvington Raceway.
Top Speed Tuesday – an event run by the team at Straightliners .
It’s an eclectic mix of cars, bikes, petrols, diesels, electrics, jet engines, super cars , inventions and just crazy ass stuff !
Amateurs , pros , celebrities, regulars , newcomers – just a really good mix of people.
We took our Abarth project car to see what it would do and get some proper figures.
The Top Speed event measures the speed achieved at the 1/2 mile and 1 mile distance, from a standing start .
There’s a leaderboard for bikes and a separate one for cars . Positions are determined by speed at the 1 mile point .
If you can get over 200mph then you’re doing very well indeed . A regular thing for a few of the bikes on the day .
We ended up doing four runs .
Best run was 126mph at the 1/2 mile and 146mph at the mile . Pretty happy with that but looking to do better next time , 150 for the full mile would be good !
Overall , a great experience and a great day , highly recommended.
Big thanks to the organisers and everyone we met on the day . We’ll be back 🙂

If you’re thinking of going then check out Straightliners FB page and the website .

Credit for the pic goes to Allan at – thank you sir

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