“Good guys here that know their stuff!!”

“Good guys here that know their stuff!!”












?? “made a hell of a difference”
?? “can’t believe the difference, excellent
????Now over 165 five star reviews????

Some cracking cars in for remapping recently.
Notably, a 17 Plate 335D X-Drive and a Limited Edition M3.
The 335D is a best of both worlds machine. In standard form it delivers brutal amounts of torque, laying down 0-62 in 4.8 seconds. Yet it still retains over 40 mpg in normal driving.

Remapping these is more time consuming than usual as they are fitted with the Bosch EDC17CP45 ecu. This ECU is what’s known as a “board flip” ecu (both the lid and base of the ecu have to be removed to gain access to the circuit board)

One of the best upgrades for these is a Wagner intercooler.
Performance intercoolers help keep induction temperatures down, which in turn means higher density of oxygen entering the combustion chamber , which means a better burn and more power.

A Wagner intercooler had already been which was great . The remap and the Wagner will have taken this to around 400 BHP.
The M3 was one of the last normally aspirated M3. If you can live with the fuel economy (20 mpg or less), then these are an awesome piece of kit. Handling and braking are exceptional . Modern performance classic .
A remap on these won’t do a lot for top end figures , but the mid range and throttle response is improved.

We remap all kinds of cars and vans. There are very few cars out there that can’t be improved.
If you feel like your car could do with a boost then let us know by PM or on 01482 772414 .
Now at 168 five star reviews.

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