Gains to be made on 1 series

Gains to be made on 1 series

102 BHP to 205 BHP
“What are the best cars to remap?”

The BMW 1 series is right up there


Why it’s good
To reduce production costs , BMW will use the same engine but have different power outputs for different models.

This is achieved purely by changes to the engine management software.

Petrol example: F20 series (from 2011) 120 BHP to 205 BHP
The 114i, 116i, and 118i all use the same 1.6 turbo N13B16 engine.
Power outputs range from 102 BHP for the 114i up to 170 BHP on the 118i.
The only difference is the software – all engine components are exactly the same.
This is a huge benefit when it comes to improving performance.
It means we can safely tune the humble 114i or 116i as if it were a 170 BHP model . With a decent tune these will go to around 205 BHP . Thats over a 100% increase in max power for the 114i.

The ECU for these is the BOSCH MEVD 17.2.3 , which used to be a time consuming ecu removal job and was not a cheap job.
However, with the latest remapping tools they can be done safely and quickly .
Takes approx 90 minutes

Price for this is £350 or 4 payments of £87.50*

Diesel example: F20 series (from 2011) 116 BHP to 180 BHP

The 116D and the 118D both share the same 2 litre diesel engine (N47D20C) .

Standard power outputs are 116 BHP for the 116D and 143 BHP for the 118D. These can be safely tuned to 180/190 BHP with just software modifications from a decent remap. That’s a 64 % difference in max power for the 116D which is pretty remarkable.

You would think with all this extra power that fuel consumption would reduce. Surprisingly, this is not the case- most customers report improved mpg figures . The increased torque means you don’t have to put your foot down as much to achieve the same results.

Price for this is £350 or 4 monthly payments of £87.50*

Takes approx 90 minutes

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