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We are also very familiar with DPF issues.

The DPF Doctor network is the UK’s leading network of DPF repair specialists.  We have been involved with the network from its beginnings. There is a wealth of knowledge within the network.  There is no better level of DPF expertise in the country.

There is no point in just cleaning a DPF because you think it might be blocked. We physically test your DPF with our own equipment .  We often find that there is nothing physically wrong with the DPF itself and a clean is unnecessary.

In these cases there is usually a sensor or software related issue.

If you have a DPF problem it is important to identify any underlying issues.

We will  give you honest advice on how to get the best out of a DPF equipped vehicle. We carry multiple professional diagnostics tools and have a team of skilled technicians to provide this fast and efficient service.

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Stage 1: In Depth DPF Diagnostics

Our first step is to check that all the key components and sensors are functioning correctly before initiating a DPF clean. We have various common DPF sensors, pipes etc. in stock, so if your DPF problem is down to a component failure, we will have you back on the road in no time.

Stage 2: The DPF Cleaning Process

Using our specialist cleaning system, a carbon cleaning solution is injected into the pre DPF pressure line and soak period is initiated. The engine is then run at a fast idle allowing the soak fluid to clean the carbon content in the DPF. This is then followed by a further injection of a cleaning flush solution during an engine fast idle cycle. We carry out the flushing process twice.
Stage 3: Live Data and DPF Analysis

The final stage is for the live data to be analysed during a road test or DPF regeneration. Final parameter checks then log DPF back pressure readings, which are reported back to you for your peace of mind.

The whole three stage process takes about two hours to complete.

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