Dieselgate continues…

Dieselgate continues…

From a VW EX service manager ….

“My advice as an EX VW Service manager, to any VW, Audi Seat or Skoda owner with the affected engines would be DON’T HAVE THE EMISSIONS RECALL DONE!!!.

in the 8 months before i left VW we carried out a few hundred of these recalls. after the second week we had owners complaining of poor running increased fuel consumption and more engine noise. in the beginning we were allowed to put the old software back. but after about 6 weeks we were stopped from doing this by VW technical services.

the new emissions software does not offer complete combustion, this was supposedly to lower the Nox emissions. but in doing this VW/Audi have caused a whole new list of problems. with the incomplete combustion MORE carbon is produced, therefore the EGR valve has to work harder and gets clogged up in double quick time. also another direct result of the extra carbon is a higher rate of DPF regenerations, this can be as often as every 100 miles. EGR valves will fail and VW’s answer is to replace them at the owners cost, then deny any link to the new software. this is why i left them i could not abide having to lie to the customer. in the last three months that iworked for VW we replaced over 200 EGR valves as a result of the new software. this procedure is costing the owner upwards of £900.00

DPF failure is less common but it is happening, other problems include premature engine wear caused by the odd failed DPF regeneration, causing unburnt fuel to find its way into the sump and the lesser viscosity it is not lubricating the top of the engine correctly. these engins need a specific oil and any dilution is having a negative effect.

my advice is… i know this is an owner cost option but… at half the price of a EGR replacement and saving further engine problems… a remap would solve the poor running ans increased fuel consumption in one go. the 2.0tdi engine was bult to run with the 177bhp mapping as an option when the car was new the 140bhp was just de-tuned to suit a sales pitch and a government target. since leaving VW i have recomended to hundreds of owners that a good tuner can reverse the update . most are finding that on a long drive the economy is slightly better than original.

Going back to the recall. you do not have to get it done… it is not a legal requirement… it is not a safety recall… dont get it done, but if you have already been “done”. then all is not lost…remap.

I do think that in time Vw / Audi will be forced to offer owners their old software back. but i am not expecting that to happen in the short term.”

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From what we have heard , EGR failure is more likely after the update .
Ecu data before and after recall has been compared and it looks like it’s the EGR maps and air flow maps that are altered. This explains the higher EGR valve failure rate as it is being worked harder.
By contrast, there are occasional reports of vehicles performing better after the update which is never mentioned in the press.
Its worth noting that if you’ve had your vehicle remapped in the past , then all the performance enhancements will be lost with the update.
As far as we know , this recall is voluntary and that’s what we’ve told customers up to now .

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