“How’s the car?”
“Bloody quick mate thanks 👍👍👍”
It’s no wonder he was happy – great gains on that model of A7.
People often ask us ,
“How is it possible and is it safe ? ”
These type of gains aren’t typical but there is a very good reason why they are possible without sacrificing reliability .
Manufacturers will often produce the same engine and transmission for a range of vehicles – it’s just economy of scale .

It is cheaper to design and mass produce one engine and gearbox than half a dozen variants . Manufacturers will then alter the power output with the engine management software.
Ford , Audi and BMW have done this a lot in the last few years .
For example :
?? VW Transporter 84 BHP will remap to 170 BHP
?? BMW 116i will remap from 136 BHP to over 200 BHP .
?? Ford Transit Custom will remap from 100 BHP to 180 BHP .












It’s been an interesting couple of weeks at A1 Remapping . Lots going on behind the scenes .
We are moving to bigger and better premises in the next few weeks .
More capacity – dedicated reception room etc , etc .
Had a 2017 Abarth 595 in last Saturday , had the smallest ecu we’ve ever seen .
Another possible UK first (or one of the first anyway! )
Bosch ME 17.3.0 ecu . Very dinky but ecus are only going to get smaller .

Cars turned away and problems found on pre-map checks :
Over the last two weeks we’ve had a BMW with Vanos issues that needed fixing before we’d map it .
A vivaro with possible turbo issues .
Badly blocked air filters .
Very low oil levels .
Oil that needed changing .
Spark plugs that were well overdue (pics further down the post )

We know we aren’t the cheapest and the pre-map checks is one of the reasons why .
Workshop acquisitions :
Ford IDS main dealer tooling for software updates and speed limiter removal .
Carbon cleaning now available – promo offers coming soon on this . Special deals for existing customers .
Facebook problems :
We get hundreds of enquiries through Facebook every week – occasionally FB won’t send them through till a few days later . It’s rare but it happens .
We will get back to every one so long as we see the message .
If you’re interested in what we can do for your car then PM us on here or leave a comment below .

Benefits of getting your car tuned at A1 Remapping :
? Best reviews in Hull area – over 120 five star on FB
? Car checked by motor trade professionals prior to any work
? High quality, reliable remaps
? Spread cost with 3 mths interest free
? £10k mechanical warranty available for cars under 90k
? Test drive before you pay
? Total customer satisfaction.

If you don’t love the difference, then you don’t pay!!
@A1Remapping on Facebook
01482 772414
Send your reg number by private message or comment below for price and gains on your car .
* figures will vary depending on vehicle, dyno make, dyno loading and fuel .and is it safe ?

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