Why we charge more.

Cheap remaps – why we charge more

Many people think all remaps are the same and all tuning companies are the same – but this is not the case.

Let’s break this down a bit and explain in more detail .

1 ) The cheapest of remappers inevitably use Chinese copies of proper remapping tools .
These are a fraction of the price , use inferior components , have no support from the manufacturer , and can damage your car’s ecu .

We have invested nearly £20k in genuine remapping tools.
( just in case anyone reading this thinks they might be worth pinching , they aren’t. They can all be rendered useless if we contact the manufacturers)

2) Vehicle health check – or lack of.
Any decent vehicle health check will take some time , need some diagnostics and be carried out by someone with a bit of experience that knows what to look for .
The cheap remapper will inevitably have a chinese clone diagnostic tool and do a basic check for fault codes – if you’re lucky .

All our remaps include a vehicle health check before remapping .
Checks include the following as a minimum:

1) On road test of turbo performance.
Checking that turbo is boosting properly – very few remappers do this.

2) DPF condition – remapping a blocked or partially blocked DPF is just bad practice .

3) Fault Code check – pretty obvious check to do , but looking at when the fault occurred and under what conditions is something not everyone can do .

4) Pretty obvious this one – checking air filter condition . If the car can’t breathe properly then you won’t get the best results . This can also contribute to DPF blockage .
Every week we see filters that need changing

5) Another obvious one – oil level and condition .
Absolutely essential check if the car is going to get more power . We have seen some shockers!
From 5 litres of excess oil to vehicles with 100k that have never had an oil change .
Quick tip – if you want your engine to last then change the oil more often than is recommended .

6) For petrol vehicles – Ignition checks and adjustments .
On road test we will drive in such a way as to put the vehicle’s ignition under increased load . Any misfire under these conditions will reveal ignition faults that needs rectifying before remap .

6a) Petrol cars again – some vehicles ignition systems are a little bit on the weak side – fit those vehicles we reduce spark plug gap slightly. This prevents premature ignition coil failure that can be caused by the extra ignition load that is a consequence of a remap.

Will continue this post next week .

In the meantime ,
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