Need your Transit Custom Remapping?

All Transit Customs can now be remapped without removing the ECU

This means no physical evidence of ecu removal . Security bolts and security cage are completely untouched .

We have invested £5k in a remap tool that enables tuning of ALL Transit Customs through diagnostic socket .
Even brand new models with the latest engine ecu.

✳️What are the gains?
All engine variants will tune to approx 175 to 190bhp and have better fuel economy.

✳️What does it cost ?

All 2.2 models are now £325
All 2.0 Ecoblue are now £350

Common questions:
1) How can we tune the 100bhp model to 180 bhp safely ?

Simply because Ford use the same engine and drivetrain throughout the range . The only difference is the software . The 100 and 125 BHP 2.2 engine is exactly the same as the 155bhp model.
They can all be tuned to around 180 BHP

Same principle applies to the 2.0 Ecoblue engines . The 105 and 130 have the same engine as the 170 and can be tuned to around 190 BHP

2) Will warranty be affected ?
We always say it can be affected. Regardless of vehicle or manufacturer.

3) How long does it take ? Can I wait while it’s done ?
About 90 minutes . Yes, waiting room with tea and coffee. Also places to eat and shops nearby .

4) Why people choose A1 Remapping ?
For most it’s the 195 five star reviews or a recommendation.

5) What is the lead time ?
Weekdays- we can usually do same day or day after .

6) What else do you do for Transit Customs?
Speed limiter removal and addition with genuine Ford diagnostic.
Software security updates ( removes door lock vulnerability issue)
DPF experts . Diagnose, clean and fix DPFs for public and trade .