Excellent gains on 335D

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“made a hell of a difference”
“can’t believe the difference, excellent

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Some cracking cars in for remapping recently.
Most notably, a pair of BMW 335D X-Drive.

The 335D is a best of both worlds machine. In standard form it delivers brutal amounts of torque, laying down 0-62 in 4.8 seconds. Yet it still retains over 40 mpg in normal driving.

One of the best upgrades for these is a Wagner intercooler.
The remap and the Wagner will take these to around 400 BHP.

Remap price for F series 335d is £350 inc Vat
Wagner intercooler is £685 inc Vat .
Total : £1035
Buy both together and price is £1000, plus we’ll include free fitting .

We remap all kinds of cars and vans. There are very few cars out there that can’t be improved.