400 Five Star Reviews

When it comes to purchasing just about anything these days – most of us will do a bit of research and check reviews.
It’s a great way to get a ‘feel’ for what you’re buying .

We are now on over 400 five star reviews .
A huge “Thank You!!” to all those that have left a review – it really means a lot!

What’s been happening this week…

Until a few weeks ago it wasn’t possible to remap the Bosch MG1C ECU as used in the M140i, 240i, 340i, 440i, 540i etc.
On Saturday we remapped the M240i – looking good so far – further testing to be done .

Another diagnostic tool added to the arsenal – Launch X431V. Good all rounder and does a few cars that other tools don’t .

Remapping tools. 
Having the best tools does not come cheap . We have invested nearly 20k in remapping tools . This allows us to so reliably tune most cars and vans .
Subs renewal on 2 tools last week came to £1600.