Transit Custom Promotion

Transit Custom on the dyno this week
making 207 BHP and 522nm .

More than pleased with the gains on this one – our best yet for a 2.0 Transit Custom .

Stock power 135 BHP and 409 Nm of torque
Tuned gains of 72 BHP and 113 NM .

If you want less power , we can do that too.

Price for this is £350 with dyno and printout.
For Euro 5 engine (2.2) – £320 with dyno

Over 200 five star reviews

✅Speed limiter removal / addition included.
✅Ghost immobiliser and remap package – £650

Why people choose us :
✅Genuine Ford IDS diagnostics .
✅Health checks carried out before remap
✅Over 200 five star reviews.

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Great Gains made thanks to RacingLine.

Great results to end the week on – extra 68 BHP and 160 NM !
This fabulous example of a Cupra 280 was in on Saturday.

This one had a couple of smart mods which will have helped the figures .
The airbox on these can be restrictive when power is increased and also the turbo inlet hose , both of these had been upgraded .
Responded really well to RacingLine OEM + software.

Standard figures : 293 BHP & 382 NM
Tuned : 361 BHP & 542 NM

RacingLine OEM + software.

Who is RacingLine?
RacingLine was originally founded over 20 years ago as Volkswagen Motorsport UK. In the early days they ran VW’s British Rally Championship programmes.
Today , they still have very close ties with VW and their parts can be found on high performance road, race and track cars across the world.

Find out about RacingLine products on their website (link at the bottom of post)

Their performance software goes by the name of OEM+
This is available for both engine management and DSG.
Smooth , drivable , safe and fast – These are key ingredients of OEM+
With knowledge gained from real motorsports experience, they know that a fast car must be drivable, have a strong torque spread through the rev range and deliver the power progressively.
Tunes are available for stage 1, 2, 2+ and 3.
All tunes are designed to perform seamlessly with RacingLine performance upgrades .

The special relationship with VW helps ensure these calibrations are as reliable as possible.

And there is currently no charge for upgrading your tune.
So if you start with Stage 1 and want stage 2 or 3 further down the line , there is nothing to pay for the software upgrade.

If you’re interested in RacingLine software upgrades for your VAG group car then check their website or contact us.

We can remap almost any car or van , doesn’t have to be VAG group.
Get in touch for price and gains on your car – and check our reviews.
Over 200 Five star reviews – says more than we ever could .

Why people choose us :
💢 Best reviews in Hull area
💢 Total satisfaction guarantee
💢 Vehicle health check before remap
💢 Test drive before you pay
💢 High quality, reliable remaps

Performance parts from Scorpion/Cobra/Milltek/Quicksilver /Jetex/Airtec/Wagner/ RacingLine and Forge

Autowatch Ghost immobilisers fitted

Post your reg number below for price and gains on your car 👇

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