Game Changer

We’ve just received delivery of this game changing piece of kit .

This allows us to work on most modern Bosch ecu without having to remove from the vehicle or open the ecu .
Saving time and making for a safer job.

It also makes it possible to remap some cars that could not be done :
Bosch MED17.3.5 Alfa Romeo Giulia V6 Quadrifoglio / Alfa Romeo Stelvio MY 2018
Bosch MED17.3.5 Ferrari 488 GTB
Bosch ME17.8.33 McLaren 720s
Bosch MED17.1.11 2gen Porsche GT3
Bosch EDC17C74 2gen Audi A4
Bosch MED17.3.5 Dallara Stradale Turbo
Bosch MED17.9.3 Honda Type R MY 2018
Bosch MED17.1.21 Golf GTE
Bosch Med17.1.62 2gen Audi TTRS

A1 Remapping
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